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133rd Heavy Anti Aircraft Battery
Plaque Dedication Ceremony
10th September 2005

Congratulations to the members of the 133rd Heavy Anti Aircraft Battery.

The plaque was dedicated to the 133rd Hvy AA Bty for their service at Fenton Field. It has been placed in the sculpture garden at the Australian War Memorial.

This plaque will be a constant reminder to all who visit our national War Memorial in Canberra for service and the sacrifices of the 133 during WWII and will ensure that they will never be forgotten. Australia's war history has finally been
re-written and the men of the 133rd have received the recognition they deserve. The plaque has been placed in a very prominent position in the pathway leading from the car park to the main building.

For those who attended the plaque dedication ceremony witnessed a very emotional service, a combination of overwhelming pride and sorrow for the loss
of mates, husbands and fathers.

The ceremony was attended by 67 guests, including 13 original members of the 133rd Heavy Anti Aircraft Battery who had travelled from Sydney, Adelaide, Melbourne, Central Coast and Blue Mountains to be a part of this significant event in the history of the 133rd.

Other guests included Captain Patrick Miller the Assistant Defence Attaché from the United States Embassy. He represented the men of the 380th Bombardment Group who were also at Fenton Airfield.

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Order of Proceedings


Welcome Address:
Acting Assistant Director Head Public Programs at the Australian War Memorial, Carol Cartwright, delivered the welcome speech on behalf of the memorials director Steve Gower. Carol stressed the importance of these plaques and how nearly 1 million people visit the Australian War Memorial each year.
Introduction & Opening Remarks:
Lionel Howes commented on how significant this day was to the members of the 133rd, past and present. Lionel welcomed our special guest Captain Pat Miller from the American Embassy, where he told him the story of mateship between the Australians and Americans that were based at Fenton and how that alliance still remains today.
Main Address: Vanessa Henwood (Meani)

Unveiling: Bill Meani and Alan Randle (OC), 133rd Hvy AA Bty.


The Ode: Eric McDonald, 133rd Hvy AA Bty.

The Last Post and Rouse: Performed by Louise Horwood, band of Royal Military College.

Dedication and closing prayer: Chaplin Peter Woodward.

Thank You and Farewell: Sydney Porter, 133rd Hvy AA Bty.