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The history of the 133rd Heavy Anti Aircraft Battery will be published and titled Highly Deterrent Effect, by Vanessa Meani. The book will detail a comprehnsive history beginning with the formation of the 133, movement and service at Fenton Field. It will also outline the complexities of operating anti aircraft equipment. Numerous interviews and memoirs from the men themselves will add to that all important part of a book such as this, their own experiences. The book will also be a pictorial history, as 100's of photographs have been collected throughout my research from those so called illegal cameras the men took along with them to Fenton. For which the author (and reader) will be ever grateful.

Anyone that wishes to purchase a copy when completed, please keep an eye on this site or email me on the contact page.




With the deployment of Allied Air Forces consisting of RAAF, USAAF and RAF in the South West Pacific Area, the Northern Territory became a very important base for allied operations against Japan.

Prime Minister Curtin commented that Australia and the United States of America regarded the Darwin area of tremendous importance, being the gateway between Australia and the South West Pacific. The projected concentration of American air power represented the largest force outside of the western hemisphere, hence the Australian Base became a major American commitment. This was not only to prevent the enemy from obtaining a foothold in Australia, but also to locate and destroy its forces and installations.

Back in August 1942, General MacArthur appointed George C. Kenny as Allied Air force Commander of the SWPA. General Kenny had plans to build up his air force and part of his plan was to employ one heavy bomber group with their B24 Liberators based in the Darwin area and another group in the Port Moresby area to strike Japanese bases and shipping.

The airfield he was referring to in the Darwin area was Fenton Field, and the Liberator bomber group he assigned was the 380th Bomb Group of the American Army Air Force.

Their mission, was the strategic bombardment of the entire western half of the South West Pacific Area, which comprised of the whole of Dutch East Indies that was in reach of these long-range bombers. It was the Australian Army's responsibility to provide protection of these establishments with anti aircraft defences. And 'Heavy Mobile Batteries' were required at aerodromes that were considered of the greatest operational importance...