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The 133rd Heavy Anti Aircraft Battery was formed
in Sydney, Australia in 1942 and was trained to operate 3.7-inch mobile heavy anti aircraft guns.

The 133rd Hvy A/A Bty were assigned to protect the
380th Bombardment Group, of the USAAF at Fenton Field in the Northern Territory during 1943-44.

This particular unit flew heavy bombers, known as B24 Liberators and flew some of the longest and most successful bombing missions during WWII.

It was the role of the 133rd Heavy Anti Aircraft Battery
to protect them.

Author's note:
I look after a group of veterans that were members of the 133rd Heavy Anti Aircraft Battery. This includes research on their history, annual reunions, special events, quarterly newsletters and also recognition for their service and this website. More importantly I have been able to reunite members after 60 years.

My research has taken me across the country consulting archival documents and interviewing the men. I have stood in what remains of their gun parks where they fought off the enemy in an area that remains isolated and undeveloped to this day.

No doubt it has been a fulfilling achievement writing their story. No doubt the men inspired me and the history they were involved in. My reward is that I had the privilege in knowing, talking and writing about these men. A privilege, which
I would encourage the next generation to continue to acknowledge the men who served for their country and record their experiences.

My father was a Gunner in this unit, as I learnt more about my his involvement
in WWII, I gained more respect and loved him more dearly than I ever thought possible.

This website is dedicated to him, William George Meani.
Vanessa (Meani) Henwood