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Engadine Reunion April 2006
Back Row: Syd Porter, Todd Morgan, Eric McDonald, Bill Graham, Tony Ravesi, Ron Jarvis.
Front Row: Bertie Guy, Gary Cooper, Lionel Howes, Geoff Cowling, Errol Hughes.

The 133rd Heavy Anti Aircraft Battery Association has 93 members, 54 are original 133rd men who served at Fenton, with the balance of members consisting of family members of deceased men and interested historians.

The Association meets once a year at Engadine RSL the Sunday prior to Anzac Day.

Over the past few years the Association has advanced by achieving certain goals in gaining recognition for service as well as researching and obtaining official documents. Also locating as many members and their family as possible.

The biggest triumph to date is the installation of the 133rd Heavy
Anti Aircraft Battery plaque
at our Australian War Memorial, recognising the 133rd's service at Fenton Field.

Other significant accomplishments include:
The 133rd Hvy AA Bty's representation at North Fort's Memorial Path, 'the home of artillery' with many members purchasing pavers for the inclusion in the Memorial Walk.

Locating a 3.7" mobile gun the 133rd operated at Fenton Field,
it is fully restored and on display at North Fort Artillery Museum.

Our successful 60th Anniversary Reunion, held at the Engadine RSL club where over 90 people attended this event.

Needless to say many private reunions have occurred with 133rd mates reuniting after 60 years. This has been the most rewarding thing that has happened to me as the Secretary, knowing that my research has brought so many men of the 133 together again.