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Service Medals & Badges issued to the 133rd Hvy AA Bty

Defence Medal 1939-1945

The Defence Medal is awarded for six months service
in a prescribed non-operational area subject to enemy air attack
or closely threatened, in Australia and overseas, or for 12 months service in non-prescribed non-operational areas. Within Australia the area is the Northern Territory , north of 14 degrees 30 minutes south, and the Torres Strait Islands between 3 September 1939 and 2 September 1945.

The Defence Medal ribbon is orange with green outer stripes, each green stripe having a black pinstripe running down the centre. The green represents the Islands of the United Kingdom, the orange represents enemy attacks, and the black represents the black outs.


War Medal 1939-1945


This medal is awarded for 28 days full time service in the period between 3 September 1939 and 2 September 1945.

The War Medal 1939-45 ribbon colours of red, white and blue represent the colours of the Union Flag.

Australian Service Medal 1939-1945

This medal is awarded for 30 days full-time or 90 days part-time service in the Australian Defence Force between 3 September 1939 and 2 September 1945.

The Australia Service Medal 1939-45 ribbon has a wide khaki central stripe, flanked by two narrow red stripes, and edge stripes, one of dark blue the other of light blue. The khaki represents the Australian nature of the award, and the red, dark blue and light blue represent the Army, Navy and Air Force respectively.


Above courteously provided by Dept. of Defence
Pictures below by V.Henwood

The Rising Sun was proudly worn by soldiers of the
1st and 2nd Australian Imperial Forces in both World Wars.

The Rising Sun was attached to the upturned brim of the slouch hat
and two smaller ones on each collar.

The curved Australia Badge was worn on both epaulette (shoulder strap).
The Returned from Active Service Badge (RASB), was issued to the 133rd members and each was individually numbered.


Anyone wishing to apply for medals or replace lost/stolen,
please phone 1800 111 321, or write to:
Defence Honours and Awards
Department of Defence
Alternatively, download and print the application form here:
Applying for Defence Meals


Official medals worn by relatives of a deceased veteran should be worn on the right breast.

Note: the medals above were issued to the 133rd Hvy AA Bty, some members joined other units when the 133 was disbanded in November 1944. Therefore other medals may pertain to these men.

RAA 1 Aust Corps.colour patch worn by the 133rd.
(shown above, left and right arm patch)

The colour patch was originally designed to identify different units of Australian Military Forces. In 1939 a battleship grey background was introduced to distinguish those who were serving in 2nd AIF. This grey background immediately identified the wearer as a volunteer for unrestricted overseas service and was worn proudly by the members of this force.