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3.7" gun located

Research has indicated that thousands of Vickers 3.7 guns were made during WWII. The probability of locating one of the eight guns belonging to the 133 seemed impossible. However it was an aspiration of mind to find out what actually happened to their guns. Delving through archival records, I found that the guns were transferred from the 133 to the 4 Aust. AA Group in Darwin after their departure from Fenton Field.

I have been lucky enough to see mobile 3.7 guns at Darwin Military Museum and at North Fort Artillery Museum. But, unable to say that these were part of the 133 guns without serial numbers. One day a document I was reading relating to the 133, actually gave me the serial numbers of the guns in three separate parts; breech, barrel and mounting, I was ecstatic. Never the less, what was the chance of one of these guns belonging to the 133rd.

I was back at Nth Fort to see the new pavers made for some of our members and took along with me the serial numbers. I was almost embarrassed to ask them to open the building where the 3.7 is on display so I could examine the serial plates on their gun.

What's the chance?

Well, if you pay a visit to the museum, you will say hello to one of the 133rd Heavy Anti Aircraft guns!

The 3.7 was restored in 1981 by the 2nd Base W/Shop BN RAEME.

Makers plate

Below is an article that appeared in Reveille relating to the find and a reunion of some of the men and their gun.

In the May/June 2005 issue of Reveille, starred 3 gunners visiting the restored 133rd 3.7" gun at North Fort. I have included the article in its entirety, with permission from Reveille and author Bill Meani.