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380th Bomb Group Association
This website contains the enormous and fascinating history of the 380th Bomb Group. The site contains meticulous statistical data of the missions, flight crews, ground crews and the magnificent Liberators. The 380th Bomb Group Association
is constantly adding information to their site, so save it as a favourite and keep returning to learn more.

B24 Liberator Restoration Werribee
This is the only remaining Liberator in the southern hemisphere, and is one of only eight still existent in the world. Restoration is proceeding in one of the World War II hangars on the old Werribee airfield just outside Melbourne.

Australian War Memorial
Great for researching a family member and learning about the history of Australians at war. Just an interesting website all round.

National Australian Archives
Official records database, easy to use and loads of records available online
or can be ordered direct from the website.

North Fort, home of the National Artillery Museum
North Fort was the place the 133rd Officers trained in 1942, as it was originally
an artillery school. North Fort is now an artillery-dedicated museum with fantastic displays of artillery equipment throughout all wars. Don't forget that one of the 133rd Hvy AA Bty's 3.7" gun is on display fully restored!

Medals of service
Medals of Service is fully authorised to produce replicas of both The British Commonwealth and Australian Government issue. They offer all the appropriate medals and badges issued to the 133rd Hvy AA Bty, along with all the accessories associated with medal mounting and framing. Medals of Service also offer Honour Boards made to order.
I have ordered direct from their website and can guarantee their products and service
is excellent.